Post Reunion Message


Posted by Cheryl Elliot: Hello fellow classmates!

I hope every one had a good time and would sincerely like to thank Glenda for organizing and putting on a wonderful 30 year Reunion! Also a thank you to her team of helpers that just made this possible!

I have uploaded photos on my profile of the 30 yr reunion . If i missed someones picture it was not intentional . I had a great time and like I said to those that I spoke with ... please keep in touch... let's not wait for the next 5 or 10 year reunion.

Thanks to Kevin K and Dinger for the invite to the club house... must say  the club house is very nicely done ! ( who is the interior decorater... great job! )

Life is so short! Live today as if it is your last !


Give thanks everyday for what you have.

Never forget to tell someone you love them.  It may be  the last time you see them !

And my final word... thought I would never shut up.... Thanks for all of my classmates who were there. There are really great people out there who care for all of the goodness that one brings to this world... I salute you all, the Graduates of 1978!

Thank -you for all of your encouraging words.... With the greatest thanks to all of the classmates that e-mailed me on the photos I say again thanks SO MUCH !