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01/02/08 03:05 PM #1    

Glenda Shockey (Bell)

Welcome to the Mount Royal Collegiate High School Class of 1978 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

01/14/08 11:12 PM #2    

Cheryl Elliot

Hello all ! It is hard to believe that 30 years has past since school. Really makes a person feel old ! I have been a very busy person with my photography and my other jobs that I do.
It has so good to hear from my pals from our school days.
If you are curious to see what I have been doing with my photography please check out my website at

Can't wait to see everyone !

Chow for now !

01/27/08 09:38 PM #3    

Michael Patola

In Grade 9 Cathy Sadler beat Mike Patola in arm wrestling in Mr Gutek's French class. Shane Soroka may have even witnessed it, along with the rest of the class. Mike really was a pipsqueek.

02/03/08 09:42 PM #4    

Shane Soroka

I was there for the arm wrestling match Mike lost three in a row.
Shane Soroka

03/05/08 05:03 PM #5    

Dean Bell

I will be attending for Saturday nite for the supper and social.I will not be golfing.I am also trying to get Bryan to attend,as he is living in the Okanagan,but it probably be a last minute decision for him.Myself and wife,Sylvia,will definately be there,Dean

03/09/08 11:24 PM #6    

Cathy Sadler (Knowles)

Well, I guess it's time to post a message. Have you seen the picture of the current Mike Patola? I think I could still beat him!!Only joking, Mike - I told my Grade 12's about the arm wrestling and now they have a round robin going - I didn't tell my Grade 9's as I don't want some poor boy to be scarred for 30 years!! Funny how some memories stick with you. One of the best is when we would play BTO and April Wine on the cafeteria juke box. BJ and Dean's station wagon and Street's green Nova are others. No seatbelts and 10 people in the car.All the football and B'ball games. And Gene - I remember well the filing cabinet in the SEC room during dances. I can't believe how much we got away with - although I must admit it has helped me be a better high school teacher!!
Looking forward to seeing everyone in May.
Cathy (Sadler) Knowles

03/11/08 08:26 AM #7    

Michael Patola

Gene Creelman: member that time when we were downstairs in the lockerroom getting ready for school pictures and you had that shampoo in an aerosol can?, gettin the hair ready!! Actually, now for us cardigan-wearing old men, shampoo-in-a-spray-can would be quite handy. That still available?

04/16/08 09:19 PM #8    

Bob Hassel

Has anyone seen or heard from Warren Hofer or Bruce Guenter?

04/17/08 05:08 PM #9    

Glenda Shockey (Bell)

I have spoken to both of their wives and have contact info for them but I promised everyone I wouldn't give it out without permission. I have just emailed Warren's wife and asked her to encourage him to join the website or if it is okay, to pass on their contact info to those of you that would like to be in touch with them.
Bruce didn't have an email address at the time that I spoke to his wife. Bruce called me back to let me know that he can't make it but unfortunately I missed his call. I will try to get him to come onto the website or let me pass on his contact too.
I'll keep you posted!

05/06/08 06:49 PM #10    

Cathy Sadler (Knowles)

C'mon people - you mean nobody has anything to say!!
What about how Ms. Howlett used to hand out towels after gym class and wait until we showered?? We had to give her a wet towel to leave the locker room! Remember how Mr. Selin would have his noise decibel reader at the school dances? Welt stick? Science experiments? Smoking in the washroom?(I never did that). Bring on some conversation in the last few days before our reunion - yes, this is a double dare!!!!

05/07/08 06:53 PM #11    

Bob Hassel

I have some fond memories of teachers:
-Nick Patola and how much he loved grade "NINERS" and hockey players. After playing basketball for him for 3 years, I think I finally discovered what his passion was. His favorite saying still sticks with me, "If you wanna play basketball you gotta run". I still don't get what he means!

-Mr. KOOPMAN and they way he ran a classroom like a military bootcamp. The man scared the crap out of me!

-Mr. Schoenhals and his famous welt stick. Thankfully I never felt the pain that he inflicted, although I did see some of our classmates suffer greatly.

- I remember giving our principal Mr. Smyth a ride back to the school after a football game. I had a 72 duster without any mufflers. I don't think he was to impressed with the ambience. Oh well, it was better than walking.

Fond memories:
-Dave street piling about 12 people into a Datsun 510 and then giving us all a lesson on how to drive a car down "rally alley".
-Going to "Beasly Pit" driving someone's car into the field and then doing so many donuts that I thought I would puke.
-Don Zapski being kind enough to drive me to school every day when I had a cast on my leg.
-Cathy Sadler being kind enough to let me "double" her on my bike to school. She didn't want to walk!
-Mark Rawlyk, Darren Brooks, Dave Street, Terry Zeabin, Don Zapski and I spending our spare time in church or similar activities!!!

05/07/08 10:43 PM #12    

Lorna Thiessen (Muyard)

I will join in the fun!!! Do any of you girls out there remember "Jockette Corner"?! Kathy, Debbie, Glenda, etc? Scratching our names into the bulletin board around the corner from jock corner and then getting supreme for it from Ms. Howlett?? What about the pennies tossed under the locker room door coming from the direction of jock corner? Grade 11 special phys-ed dancing classes? Hoping not to be the last one picked by someone! Such fond memories. Can hardly wait to share more at the reunion with all of you!!!

05/16/08 04:32 PM #13    

Patricia Ashwin (Vogelgesang)

I am certainly not one for being shy....I wasnt a jock, or a scholar... not sure where I fit in..But all of you (and you know who you are)..just let me in where I would fit!
And I think that is wonderful. All of you..made my high school memories great ones...

AND I so look forward to seeing everyone...I am sure 30 years will vanish.. and we will be back in 1978....minus the hairdo's and fashion..
oh how we looked at our grad...

05/19/08 01:28 PM #14    

Bob Hassel

-Fun weekend! Thanks again Glenda.
-Had a great tour of MRCI (see pictures posted under my profile).
-Hadn't been back to Stoon for about 15 years. It has not changed much, which is nice! On Sunday Lisa and I went for a really long walk in the river valley. We were so impressed with how friendly everyone was. Total strangers were wishing us a good morning! It blew our socks off. Almost makes me want to come home (almost).

-I took Lisa (my wife) to the "dam lookout". Somehow it didn't work out the same way it used to in highschool...or....maybe it did?

-Nice to see everyone again. I could not wear my glasses for very long this weekend. I had a really bad allergic reaction to something and my eyes were watering and sore all weekend (or maybe I just so sentimental I couldn't stop crying....ha ha). So if I didn't say hi or I mixed you up with someone else, I apologize (I am half blind without my spectacles). My hearing is also very bad. So if you said hi and I didn't it was probably because I didn't hear you. many loud noises over the years have taken their toll.

-Someone mentioned doing a cruise sometime for a reunion. Great idea. Lisa and I have been on several cruises and are always in for another one. They are lots of fun. An "all inclusive" vacation would also be fun. Would probably get a great rate if there were enough people.

-Once again, what a blast. Thanks Glenda, Ian, Lorna, Wayne and everyone else involved in making this a great weekend.

05/19/08 10:36 PM #15    

Gene Creelman

Hey Everyone
Thanks to Glenda and the others, (mostly Montgomery kids I noted!) for the organizing. For those of us who live out of town, we couldn't have a reunion without you. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

It was a great time....I can't remember ever being up to 2 or so 2 nights in a row with MRCI people and not being hammered. It was great to see all - Fish, Hassel, Cookie, Hugh, Dinger, Frog, Deb K, Shellie/Shelly (all of them), Zap, Ian, Glenda, Mac, Douglas, Street, Nance, Sook, Pat, Tinkler, Lorna, Adeline, Kinger, Sadler, Cheryl, Mike, Coach Nick, Halischuk, Shiels, Kevin, oh so many friends. And there were so many that didn't make it - wow if they had all been there we wouldn't have slept!

Saskatoon is a great city and I love returning to visit. Everyone should be so proud of it....
Nice pics of the school Bob - makes me think I should of went just to get some photos like you did.

I hope we are able to get some more people out to the next reunion - they do not knwo what they missed!
Cheers and give me a call if you are in Kelowna!

05/20/08 04:41 PM #16    

Shelly Anderson (Braun)

Shelley Anderson Braun Thanks to all that helped plan such a wonderful week-end! Glenda,your vision for our class reunion has blessed all of us...Thank-you.I am proud to belong to the class of 78,what a incredible bunch you are.There are so many of you I wish I had known better in high school,but it's never too late.Bob it was great visiting with you and Lisa,your enthusiasm during the tour of our school made it all that more meaningful,and Pat you got your yearbook!To Cheryl thanks for the memories you captured with your camera,your captions were something else,you have a wicked sense of humour girl!!Dawn we are only 20 min away from each other....Swift current look out,coffee is a must!It was good to see some classmates way back from public school,Lorna you look great,Debbie so good to visit with you.Don Zapski,sorry I did'nt get a chance to visit with time.Shannon your stilla sweetie and Lori we remembered the fun we had in grade6!I could go on and on,I guess that is the gift of aclass reunion...we take time to remember and in that we realize life is this great journey,and we are blessed to have been the class of78,and I know there will be more reunions,and more memories.Blessings to you all

05/22/08 09:31 PM #17    

Patricia Ashwin (Vogelgesang)

This is a quick note to say...
"what a Fabulous weekend"
And I am SO proud to be a part of the graduating class from '78
What a good -looking group we all are!
THANK YOU GLENDA! From the first time you called me back in January to the follow up summary on this web site, you have gone above and beyond.

I will be update some photos this weekend...

Five years , I will be there... whenever and wherever

and the 40th... A cruise or somwhere tropical..... Todd and I agree..what a FABULOUS idea, We are certainly in!

hope to see you all , we are in Calgary and doesnt take much to throw another steak on the BBQ, or burger or dog...

AND Shelly THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! you are marvelous!!
I am happy to finally have a year book!

09/22/08 06:36 AM #18    

Don Epp

I'm REALLY sorry I missed the reunion....The school year in Thailand is completely different. May is the beginning of first term!

Oh well, It was great to see your pictures and memories on this website!

Don Epp

01/18/09 02:57 PM #19    

Glenda Shockey (Bell)

Hi All
Just wanted to let you know that we recently lost a classmate of ours. Lucille Labatt's (Harrison) obituary was in the paper this past week. She passed away on Jan 13, 2009.
Stay healthy all, and use this as a reminder to live life to its fullest as there is no guarantee how long we are around for.

06/20/09 10:42 PM #20    

Bob Hassel

The reunion allowed all of us to reaquaint with our classmates. After the reunion Lisa and I had an opportunity to spend some time with "Creely" (Gene Creelman) and his family in Kelowna. We loved it! Thanks Gene.

We will be in Kelowna again in about a week (Jun 29, 2009) and hope to meet up with Gene again. If it was not for the reunion this would not have been possible. Can't wait for the summer vacation in Kelowna for my 21st time! 4 more years and I can actually retire and move there! Can't wait. Hey Gene will you have any job openings for a retired upper management cop?

06/28/09 02:38 AM #21    

Glenda Shockey (Bell)

I agree Bob! Lorne and I had a wonderful visit with Gord McIntyre this spring when he was home to visit his dad. Lorne played hockey with/against him in their teens. We had chatted lots leading up to the reunion and then he wasn't able to make it but we have stayed in touch since then. So neat to re-acquaint.
Say hi to Gene for me!

05/24/10 09:50 PM #22    

Gene Creelman

Hey All

Gord McIntyre turns 50 in June...I hope to make it to his birthday in North Vancouver. I heard that Dallas Heintz maybe attending along with Darren McDonald and Dwayne Mayes

Anyone have a favorite story to pass along that I tell all the Vancouver people about Gord. There will only be a few of us that knew him from Saskatoon. I have a few baseball (Angels) and then hockey and University stories to consider sharing, but let me know if you have a memory to share.


Gene Creelman 


02/19/12 05:30 PM #23    

Shelly Anderson (Braun)

Just happened to be going down memory lane.Hard to believe we are all turning 52 this year.The common phrase is always "Time flies,where have all the years gone?" As I was reflecting the years1974-78 are still there ,visited every now and then when I hear a oldie's song,or read a fb post.
Celebrating all the wonderful things that made the class of 78 so incredible.Wishing all of you much joy,peace as we journey into new seasons of life.
Shelley Anderson Braun~

06/30/12 03:30 AM #24    

Bob Hassel

Just spent an evening with Gene and his wonderful wife Wendy while we were in Ktown. Great evening. We cant wait to live here!!!!

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